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Production of sophisticated verification and processing

◆ 高低温循环测试(Temperature Cycle test)

◆ 恒温恒湿测试(Temperature And Humidity test)

◆ 交变湿热测试(Damp Heat, Cyclic test

◆ 低温存储测试(Low Temperature Storage test)

◆ 高温存储测试(High Temperature Storage test)

◆ 高低温冲击测试(thermal shock test)

◆ 盐雾测试(Salt Spray Test

◆ 开关电测试(Switch electrical test)

◆ 胶带附着力测试(The tape adhesion test

◆ 振动测试随机/正弦(Vibration test)

◆包装箱自由跌落测试(Drop test)

◆ 元器件推拉力测试(Push And Pull)

◆ 蒸气老化测试(Steam Aging test)

◆ 元器件可焊性测试(Solderability test)

IP等级防护测试(IP Test)

◆ 电源拉扭力测试(The power cord pull &torque test)

LED光衰寿命测试及认证(LED LM80 Measuring Lumen Maintenance of LED Light Sources

◆ 回焊炉试验(Reflow Test

◆ 塑封芯片MSL等级测试(IC Package MSL level test

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